Medical Transport in Stamford, CT

Do you care for a senior or another loved one who requires in-home care? If so, you may sometimes find yourself in a predicament, where you must take your loved one to a medical appointment, but must also take care of another responsibility. Whether you have to work, be at a child's event or have another commitment, juggling all of these responsibilities while also serving as a caregiver can be challenging to say the least. Allow Angelic Health Care to help you with our medical escort services.

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In Stamford, Connecticut and the surrounding areas, caregivers trust Angelic Elderly Care when they need help taking their loved one to a medical appointment. With our medical escort services, we'll provide transportation to medical appointments and accompany your loved one with everything they need. Our experienced and highly qualified staff are friendly and helpful so that your loved one can enjoy a pleasant appointment.

As a caregiver, we know it's impossible for you to be available at all times for your loved one, no matter how much you try. Whether you're sick yourself or have a conflict in your schedule, you can always call us for quick, reliable and friendly service. Call our friendly and reliable service and you'll get peace of mind knowing that your loved one has a medical escort while you take care of other responsibilities.

At Angelic Elderly Care, we work as a team with you. All you have to do is let us know the time of your appointment and we'll show up ahead of time, so that there's time for driving, and ensure your loved one arrives punctually. If your loved one needs assistance walking we'll take care of that. Rest assured our staff are comfortable and experienced working with clients with mobility issues, so we'll be able to make everything happen smoothly and easily.

Call Angelic Health Care to discuss your medical escort needs today! We look forward to serving you.