Meal Preparation in Stamford, CT

Wish you could always take fresh groceries and prepare meals for your senior parents, but don't always have the time? If you need help with grocery shopping and meal preparation as a part of senior care, allow the kind, caring staff at Angelic Health Care to help.

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In Stamford, Connecticut and the surrounding areas, family members often provide meal services for their senior loved ones, and sometimes need a break. When you need that break, count on Angelic Elderly Care to step in. Our staff are experienced, friendly and kind. We'll happily shop according to your shopping list and then prepare a delicious fresh, hot meal for your senior loved one who is still living independently, but who needs a helping hand.

There sometimes comes an in-between point, when your senior is able to live on their own, but meal preparation becomes challenging. That's where we step in. We'll help with grocery shopping and meal preparation for senior care so that your loved one has access to fresh food, healthy snacks, and a good home-cooked meal.

At Angelic Elderly Care, we understand that it can be hard to always fit in regular visits where you bring groceries and prepare fresh meals. Of course you don't want your senior eating frozen meals all of the time either. So, we step in so that you can confidently take care of your responsibilities. That way, when you do stop in for a visit, you can enjoy spending quality time with your senior instead of working.

At Angelic Elderly Care, our staff are friendly, professional and reliable. We can customize our services to meet your needs. Let us know what your shopping list is, even send us your favorite recipes if you'd like. Or, we can offer a basic shopping list and healthy, delicious recipes that we have used with great success.

Call Angelic Elderly Care to discuss your senior care grocery shopping and meal preparation services today! We look forward to serving you and your loved one.